About Families First

For 131 years Families First has been addressing the needs of families and children throughout the state of Georgia with considerable impact. With a national footprint, Families First serves more than 16,000 families each year at various points across the continuum of care including adoption, foster care, parenting, mental and behavioral health, supportive housing, and healthy starts.

Families who show the ability to cope with the stresses of everyday life, the ability to pick themselves back up when life’s challenges come their way, have resilience. These essential skills are at the heart of our Navigator Model and the
Families First Resiliency Needs Screener (FFRNS-14), a fourteen-item resilience screening tool that measures three main areas of psychosocial resilience.

Since March 2020 we have screened approximately 10 percent of our community stakeholders for resilience and built personalized care plans to help our families move from surviving to thriving! Through this campaign we are raising funds to increase our resiliency footprint for 100 percent of our stakeholders throughout Georgia and across the United States.

We recognize that the cycles of poverty are not solved by one program or service alone, so we offer a combination of programs and supports in collaboration with community partners, meeting our clients where they are, and providing virtual services where necessary to minimize barriers to access. Our holistic, comprehensive, results-driven approach results in awareness of the barriers that prevent families from achieving success and social equity. Partnerships with community leaders reduce these barriers and increase advocacy for change. These partnerships impact the families we serve, particularly caregivers, at various points across the continuum of care, including adoption, foster care, traditional and alternative parenting; thus, improving mental and behavioral health, facilitating supportive housing, and improving job access and stability.